St. Peter Reads is coming soon…

I have to figure out a way to put more words here. Or not. I don’t know anymore. But, this is coming!

SneekPeek Poster 2015 FINAL PROOF

Fat Boy vs. The Cheerleaders has arrived.

It’s happening. Fat Boy is showing up on shelves all over the place. I’m pretty psyched! And so is Gabe…

“I’m fully capable of taking my own dignity. But no one else is going to take it.”

Gabe is having a tough week. Normally the funny kid at the lunch table, he’s on edge from trying to kick his soda addiction and ditch his long-standing nickname, “Chunk.” So when news breaks that his beloved marching band camp has been cancelled due to lack of funding, he’s furious. What makes him even madder? The school’s vending machine money—which had previous been collected by the band—is now sponsoring the new cheer squad.

The war is ON. And Gabe is leading the charge. No one will be safe from the Geekers’ odd brand of wrath: not the principal, the band teacher, the local newspaper, and certainly not the cheerleaders and their jock boyfriends. Like the saying goes, it isn’t over until the fat boy sings…


You can get it all over, anywhere:


Barnes and Noble


Books a Million

Indie Bound

Indigo (Canada)


Hope you enjoy it. Let me know if you do, for sure!

Going to Janesville, WI and Duluth, MN and there’s this Nook deal! I need better shoes @SourcebooksFire

It’s totally that season. Everything in the world is happening at Minnesota State: theses readings, conferences, advisees doing their annual freak-out, and it’s raining but the snow on the sides of the road is glacial, and like plastic, and non-meltable. But, oh no, I am not sad. Despite the very cold plastic snow, I am very happy.  Why?

For one: I get to address the Minnesota Conference of Teachers of English in Duluth, MN next week. Duluth is like Siberia, except pretty!  For two: the next day I drive to Southern Wisconsin, right by Beloit, where I had my worst defeat ever (2005, booed off the stage while telling a story before the band Of Montreal played), to triumphantly visit Janesville and take part in a great conference.


That’s at Hedburg Public Library, should you happen to be in the region.

Also, Barnes and Noble is running a nice little deal for Stupid Fast and Nothing Special, to help people get into the series.

So, the good transcends any trouble, including freaking glaciers.

But, there’s a lot of travel coming up in the next couple of months and I do need some new shoes. Comfortable ones, because I am an old man. Also, I might show up everywhere in sweat pants.

Packed house at the Young Authors Conference

This thing has become one of my favorite events every year.  Success Beyond the Classroom brings in kids from all over the Twin Cities Metro and gathers a bunch of writers and artists to give sweet classes to them. This year I’m keynoting, which sort of means doing stand-up for middle school-aged kids (plus getting them psyched about writing). That’s as good as it gets, as far as I’m concerned. That’s a job I like.


Herbach making jokes for middle schoolers.

Stupid Fast the Movie


I’m pretty excited about this. I have great filmmaking friends who are putting together this project. I’m so happy to be at least marginally involved. Their script looks great, too. If you’d like updates, Like Stupid Fast The Movie over on Facebook. They’re running contests, too.

This to This.

I spoke at the Secondary Reading Conference of Florida. It looked like this.


Today, I’m back in Minnesota.  It looks like this.


My car wouldn’t start at the airport.  Our condo is 55 degrees. There is ice all over all the roads.  Steph’s voice is two octaves below normal, because it’s so dry.  I am stiff (okay, maybe because I ran on the beach yesterday, but still stiff and it’s too cold to stretch).

I have to ask myself why?  Because I want to go eat pizza on a pier, which is what we did yesterday.  I don’t even care that seagulls kept bombing us, or that they stole the doughnut right out of the hand of the woman who sat next to us in the restaurant’s outdoor seating. She was mad at the seagull, but I thought it was pretty funny. Steph did, too. I want to go back to that.

Why Minnesota, Herbach? 

Whiner. Go to work.

This is coming!

This is coming!

Out in May of 2014~


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