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Hey! Nothing Special is a real book today. @SourcebooksFire

There’s a lot going on.  Finals week at Mankato.  School visits.  Books coming out.  Muscle cramps during runs.  Nice dinners.  Car repairs.  I want to make sure to stop for a moment and say, “Holy balls. My book just came out.”  It’s available at stores everywhere today (in the U.S.). You can find it on the New Teen table or have it overnighted from one of several reputable online dealers.

Here’s me in my St. Peter Bookfest T-shirt, sporting bed head and pillow face.  I am celebrating.



Nothing Special gets Junior Library Guild selection.@SourcebooksFire

Junior Library Guild reviews thousands of books and picks a few to support. When I got back from Texas, I found this thing in the mail.  What a very great way for Nothing Special to come out of the gate.

Thanks, Junior Library Guild

Final Vid: Know Thyself! (Thanks so much @figmentfiction)

I’ve had such great time doing these craft videos for  If you don’t know, there are (really) thousands of deep-thinking, dedicated, talented-as-your-best-business, young writers on Figment. Being able to discuss writing with a bunch of them has been the highlight of 2012 for me.

So, it is with a crooked heart I say: Here is the last video. I’ve already read a number of the responses and they are fantastic.  Get in the game?

Here’s the post on Figment for more info!

Thanks, again, for giving me the opportunity.


The Nothing Special Final Cover! @SourcebooksFire

Here it is.  Bright colors! The book comes out on May 1 (you can get it reserved all over the place already, of course).

I think you’ll probably like it if you haven’t read Stupid Fast.  Here’s the truth, though: It is a sequel. It is meant to follow Stupid Fast.  This one moves forward, fast.  Felton doesn’t tell you all the background that’s in Stupid Fast, so…  If you want this book to kick your flaming business home (and that’s what I want), read Stupid Fast before May 1!

I am very happy.  I like you.

Thanks for the Valentine’s Cybils Pick @SourcebooksFire

I’m just feeling very good this Valentine’s Day.  Steph is sitting next to me, all Goth Mom and serious about whatever deep, dark emotion she’s experiencing, that she can’t quite express. I’m more like happy Unicorn Dad (I should have some kind of leather strap tied around my head, maybe a feathered clip of some kind).  Steph is here and The Cybils, The Children’s and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Awards picked Stupid Fast as their top YA Fiction book of 2011.  That’s a very big deal to me.

1. There are a lot of enormously great YA books out there right now.  Having Stupid Fast mentioned with some of them is seriously validating.

2. I spend a lot of time thinking about how I can make stuff that boys want to read (a lot of time trying to connect with how seriously cool and complicated male teens can be). That an audience broader than very hungry young dudes thinks the book has value gives me a lot of hope.

3. Sourcebooks, my publisher, has put a lot of effort into supporting this weird, rambly book (when other publishers wouldn’t), and this sort of award hopefully validates their choice! Leah, Derry, Kelly, Todd, among others, I’ve sometimes felt a bit… what’s the word… fraudy?  uh, something like that, because you guys are so dang good to me.

4. I’ve been in awe of YA book bloggers. So much energy and care and passion all born of love, not monetary reward.  To have a group of bloggers want to celebrate Stupid Fast feels like a seriously fat, gigantic world hug.  And on Valentine’s Day.

Goth Mom, Steph, works next to me. I’m really like freaking Unicorn Dad, today.  Thanks Cybils.  I’ll remove the leather strap and the feather tomorrow, get back to business.

The Nothing Special ARC Arrived!

Out of the blue, in the door, there was a Fed-ex box…  I expected the box last week and when it didn’t come, I assumed it would never come.  When you least expect it, expect it.  Because it was there!  My box of galleys from the publisher!  And, other than the glaring typo on the first page of text (how did I miss that? Am I an idiot?) it looks really good and I read some, and I liked it a lot, which is a good sign, because I wasn’t sure after I finished it, because I’d gone entirely blind from having stared at it so much.  This book, Nothing Special, is ready for pre-sale reviews.  I am p-syched!

ARC in the morning sun.

It Is This: Nothing Special Cover

I haven’t been entirely sure that this cover would stick.  I like it a lot.  So, I hoped.  It’s Felton’s little brother Andrew, with his glasses removed, trying to look like a philosopher and sort of mimicking his piano hero Glenn Gould.

Not Andrew

Andrew’s a funny kid.  Andrew’s maybe sadder than he seems.  The cover is now official, I believe.

Yeah, I’m getting pretty excited about this book.  The more distance I get from actually writing it, the more fond of the thing I’m getting. I like those Reinstein boys a lot.

Nothing Special comes out May 1, 2012.  Review copies are coming.  It can be added to your Goodreads lists, already.  Good times, Herbach.

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