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Humorous Interp and Fat Boy

Lately, if I am feeling down, or lacking energy or purpose, or if I can’t deal with the gray sky out my April window, I watch a little of this guy, Taren Pfitzer, who is a dang speech champion, perform his interpretation of Fat Boy vs. The Cheerleaders. He is so very funny, everything improves immediately.



These Reviews Are More What I Expected

Well, maybe I didn’t know exactly what I expected, because I knew I’d written such a weird book and I knew Taco was one messed up kid and I knew he had some whacked-out thoughts about why people get pregnant (people will tell themselves anything to keep feeling okay), but I also had an out-sized emotional reaction to the kid, and wanted nothing more than to protect him…so I wasn’t figuring on Goodreads vitriol (which I still think has something to do with the title and cover tripping off genre expectations).

Okay. I did expect some people would really love Taco. So, I can’t tell you how happy it made me to see these great reviews from Cris at Tiny Obsessions and Kat at Life and Other Disasters. They picked up on Taco’s sense of humor (he is playing around a lot) and they also got that he was out of his mind with sadness and hiding from it by being so crazy positive (he really believed that’s what his mom asked him to do). When, at the end, the writing was flying along, and I felt like Taco was telling me what to say, telling me what happened, I started to get all sad and weepy. I sort of couldn’t believe it all worked out the way it did.  And, I figured the book was going to be a heart-breaker.

Thanks to Cris and Kat for seeing what I saw in there. It is hugely gratifying. If the book affects a few people like that, I’ll feel Taco found his home. That’s a very happy thought.




Anything You Want Release Coming

This book is a couple of weeks away from being released. It’s getting out there. And I love it. I think lots of people are going to hate it (oh, they do already). It’s my favorite book that I’ve written. The narrator, Taco, is so damn weird and annoying and hilarious and I find him pretty great (I wrote him, so…). Some people find him terrible (they put GIFs on Goodreads asking him to shut up). That’s okay.

Here’s the thing I’m thinking today: trauma can make a person weird, because trauma turns everything upside down. Maybe the horror creates a few Augustus Waters who are so smooth and beautiful, but I think it makes many more kids named Taco who ride on the edge of full crazy, because they’re trying so hard to be okay, and reality is way too much to bear.

Taco is as good and kind as they come, but he’s also chattering, painful, and delusional. He will climb on your house in the middle of the night if you make him your pal. I understand if you don’t want to hang around him. But, okay, really, I’d like you to try.

You can come to the Mankato release, if you’re around. I’ll go to Addendum in St. Paul on May 14, too. You can grab it on Amazon, if need be.




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