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Back Patio Turtle Action

In Minneapolis, we live in this little condo. Lots of times we’ve got all four kids and two adults smashed into this little condo. To get some air, to get some coffee, to get homework done and my school work, to watch little kids climb and fall off of giant turtle statues, we’ve been hanging at this coffee shop on Sunday mornings. My kids climbed and fell off these turtles when they were younger, too. It’s one of the best places and soon it will be buried in ice and snow. Get outside now.

Turtle Patio of the Skin-ned Knee Caps.

Turtle Patio of the Skin-ned Knee Caps.


Super Soccer Saturday 

Beautiful day for South verses Southwest. Sun. Fences. Pizza on the streets. This is the best time of year. Going to spend time outside working, too. Pizza there in case we get hungry.



I have to learn how to teach video game narratives

So, I’m narrating my video games. Somebody is going to have to teach me a lot. But I can play 2048 in a serious way. There isn’t much of a story, though. Warning: Salty Language is Invoked.

I also need to write some books.

I am…

Geoff Herbach. I am the author of Stupid Fast and Nothing Special, among a bunch of other stuff. When I'm not writing, I teach writing at Minnesota State, Mankato.

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