This to This.

I spoke at the Secondary Reading Conference of Florida. It looked like this.


Today, I’m back in Minnesota.  It looks like this.


My car wouldn’t start at the airport.  Our condo is 55 degrees. There is ice all over all the roads.  Steph’s voice is two octaves below normal, because it’s so dry.  I am stiff (okay, maybe because I ran on the beach yesterday, but still stiff and it’s too cold to stretch).

I have to ask myself why?  Because I want to go eat pizza on a pier, which is what we did yesterday.  I don’t even care that seagulls kept bombing us, or that they stole the doughnut right out of the hand of the woman who sat next to us in the restaurant’s outdoor seating. She was mad at the seagull, but I thought it was pretty funny. Steph did, too. I want to go back to that.

Why Minnesota, Herbach? 

Whiner. Go to work.


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