Publisher’s Marketplace says I have a 2 book deal, and I believe them! Thank you @SourcebooksFire

I’m so very happy about this news. Since Stupid Fast came out 20 months ago, I’ve spent much time visiting middle schools and high schools, talking about books and bullying and being nice and the importance of reading and, really, just having a spectacular time, because the kids I have the privilege of working with are so smart and funny and they make me feel good about the future.

Without the huge support I’ve gotten from Sourcebooks, my publisher, I couldn’t be doing this work. I’m so so so thankful for my editor Leah Hultenschmidt’s great story know-how and my publicist Derry Wilken’s ability to get me in front of librarians and teachers and for all the people at Sourcebooks who get these books out the door.  Writing for and meeting with kids in schools is pretty much living the dream for me.  Sourcebooks made it happen.  Thank you.


Middle School kid with Felton hair. Oddly, his name is Andrew.


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