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I’m Very Psyched About Jodzio’s I’m With Stupid Story!

John Jodzio is the first writing writing for I’m With Stupid…

I grew up in a small town and when I was going to lose my virginity I didn’t want to go to the local pharmacy to buy condoms and so I drove to Ridgedale Target to buy them. When I was at Target I decided I didn’t want to only buy a box of condoms because I thought that would make me look like a total skeezer so along with the condoms I also bought a Nestle Crunch Bar and a cassette tape of Bruce Springsteen’s “Tunnel of Love”.

You should read the rest!  Here it is!


New Project Regarding I’m With Stupid Coming At Your Mother (Sort of)

On this new site, there will be so many stories of what happens when you know better, but you still do what you are going to do, because, maybe, you don’t know better, but isn’t there an awkward little monkey voice in your head saying, “Maybe this isn’t a good idea. How about you just go home?” I don’t know. In any case, I’ll be soliciting (and have been soliciting) these kinds of stories. Before the thing really rolls in February, I put up my own first post right now, right here: imwithstupidstories.



Check it out, if you’d like.

Bad Writing

If you have an hour and a half to spare in the next few weeks, check out Bad Writing by Vernon Lott. It’s streaming for free throughout the month of January. There are so many voices here hanging language on ideas about writing that I’d like to say myself (to myself, to my students, to other writers), but I’d be constantly contradicting myself if I did say it all. I think that’s why writing stuff — really pursuing writing — causes such anxiety: there is no simple answer for why writing is bad or for why anyone should do it, except lots of people are compelled to do it, and if you’re going to do it, maybe it’s best not to take yourself too seriously (even if it’s your life’s work??) and to not be ego-maniacal about it, and to work hard, while also taking it easy on yourself (because you will fail), while also continuing to experience the real world outside your brain so that you know what it is to be human… maybe?

Check out the film here.

Vernon talks with George Saunders.

Vernon talks with George Saunders.


Monkey braining (drunken monkeys swinging through the jungle) sucks. Can’t concentrate. Feels like there are bees buzzing where there should be calm waters…

Really what I’m talking about is thinking too much, distractedly, about random things, which happens a lot when I spend a lot of time on Facebook and on the internet, generally, but is also an affliction of the masses, through out all of human history (and thus cannot be blamed on Facebook, although Facebook enhances our ability to monkey brain). Then I can’t sleep very well or read or write or carry on decent conversations without looking at my phone, just in case there’s a text or an email or a Facebook message…

This year, 2013, I will start with action: I went to a gym and did something I’ve never wanted to do (I don’t know why — maybe I’ve been a chicken, bok bok): I met with a personal trainer for a demonstration on various new, fangled exercise things.

I hung from straps and jumped around like a gazelle and lifted some heavy medal things that looked like teapots made to bludgeon your enemies then I did a little running on the tread mill and I feel great, mainly because I didn’t think about anything but jumping and hanging and running. Actually, I didn’t think at all.  I just did those things (jump, hang, run).  

Yes.  2013 begins with action.  That is right.


Herbach, wearing underarmour, does not think today.


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Geoff Herbach. I am the author of Stupid Fast and Nothing Special, among a bunch of other stuff. When I'm not writing, I teach writing at Minnesota State, Mankato.

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