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The Watchmakers

Putting up The Watchmakers is an e-experiment. Can a pretty okay, to maybe pretty good, book sell without any marketing?  It’s my personally beloved first novel, which my agent and I sort of forgot about for six years after other good stuff started happening.  Since I e-smacked it and stuck the book up at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, iBook, and Smashwords, a small bunch of people (32, I think) have actually bought it (paying almost 3 — but not quite — hard-earned, American dollars). Because those who have read it seem to really like the book, I’m going to mention it again (a time or two), before I turn all my attention to talking about the final Stupid Fast book, I’m With Stupid (which I’m very proud of — comes out May 1, 2013).

The title comes from a group of French watchmakers who loved their work so much that, when they went on strike, they took their tools into the mountains and continued to make watches, even though they couldn’t make money doing it. I was shocked when I read about these guys, because I couldn’t imagine at the time having a day job you loved so much you wanted to keep doing it after the day was done. These guys knew who they were. They weren’t wage workers. They were The Watchmakers. Pretty cool.

The book is about this struggling American couple, though, not really watchmakers (this couple just doesn’t know who they are or what they’re doing).


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