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Growing up from Gross-Out Books and Bathroom Humor (Reading and Talk)

That’s what I’ll be discussing tonight at the Ridgedale Library, which must be directly on the line between Minnetonka and Hopkins, because it seems like the address is both places.

7pm Ridgedale Library
12501 Ridgedale Dr
Hopkins, MN

I’m not against either gross-out humor or jokes about bathrooms.  I’m an advocate, really.  I’ll do some reading and discussion of the evolution of boy readers (from experience, not from research as I’m not an academic like that).  I will also tell jokes about underpants. 

I’m really looking forward to the evening! 

Below, haircut for event. Flashy.



You should come to the Nothing Special launch in St. Paul!

On Sunday, May 6 at 2pm, I’ll be doing a reading from Nothing Special at the excellent Red Balloon Bookshop on Grand Avenue in St. Paul, MN.  This is the second of three books about Felton Reinstein, great athlete and shivering dork.  Andrew, Felton’s brother, drives the story, as he runs away instead of going to orchestra camp.  Andrew has a plan.  Felton and his pal, Gus, are left to figure it out.  The third book, right now called Sucks to be Me (yes), will complete the story next spring.

I’d love to see you at Red Balloon on Sunday.

You can even RSVP here on Facebook.

Red Balloon

Hey! Nothing Special is a real book today. @SourcebooksFire

There’s a lot going on.  Finals week at Mankato.  School visits.  Books coming out.  Muscle cramps during runs.  Nice dinners.  Car repairs.  I want to make sure to stop for a moment and say, “Holy balls. My book just came out.”  It’s available at stores everywhere today (in the U.S.). You can find it on the New Teen table or have it overnighted from one of several reputable online dealers.

Here’s me in my St. Peter Bookfest T-shirt, sporting bed head and pillow face.  I am celebrating.


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