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Teens Know Best Stupid Fast Trailer!

I can’t believe what a wonderful job these guys did.  Awesome.


Nothing Special gets Junior Library Guild selection.@SourcebooksFire

Junior Library Guild reviews thousands of books and picks a few to support. When I got back from Texas, I found this thing in the mail.  What a very great way for Nothing Special to come out of the gate.

Thanks, Junior Library Guild

Texas is Big and Ready.

I’ve now been to Texas twice in the last 6 months or so.  Before that, I’d never been in the state. Of course, I have a fairly limited view. But I like Texas, a lot. The book community, both library/school and blogger, is so energetic, ginormous, and organized. I met up with tons of librarians, signed a couple hundred books, talked with all sorts of teens from all over the state, and ate some fine food with excellent bloggers who barked out book titles like they were riding donkeys across the flaming desert (that’s symbolic language).

Before this last six months, mostly what I thought about when I thought about Texas was: George W. Bush, Ross Perot, and the movie Slacker. It didn’t make sense. Now my understanding is a little bigger. There’s a whole, huge crew of people in Texas who are so serious about books, they’re willing to fight hard, lay it all on the line.

This is a true life scene. It happened in Houston.

Jenn, me and Tillie fighting for books.

Thanks Sourcebooks for inviting me to TxLA12. That was a very good couple of days.

Final Vid: Know Thyself! (Thanks so much @figmentfiction)

I’ve had such great time doing these craft videos for  If you don’t know, there are (really) thousands of deep-thinking, dedicated, talented-as-your-best-business, young writers on Figment. Being able to discuss writing with a bunch of them has been the highlight of 2012 for me.

So, it is with a crooked heart I say: Here is the last video. I’ve already read a number of the responses and they are fantastic.  Get in the game?

Here’s the post on Figment for more info!

Thanks, again, for giving me the opportunity.


Figment Craft Vid 4: I hide in bushes to listen @sourcebooksfire

In this video, I discuss one way to look at dialogue (mimicking natural, sort of cracked dialogue that people do in natural settings).  It includes a request that dialogue be character driven and important to story conflict.

Here’s the full post at Figment!

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