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It Is This: Nothing Special Cover

I haven’t been entirely sure that this cover would stick.  I like it a lot.  So, I hoped.  It’s Felton’s little brother Andrew, with his glasses removed, trying to look like a philosopher and sort of mimicking his piano hero Glenn Gould.

Not Andrew

Andrew’s a funny kid.  Andrew’s maybe sadder than he seems.  The cover is now official, I believe.

Yeah, I’m getting pretty excited about this book.  The more distance I get from actually writing it, the more fond of the thing I’m getting. I like those Reinstein boys a lot.

Nothing Special comes out May 1, 2012.  Review copies are coming.  It can be added to your Goodreads lists, already.  Good times, Herbach.


Pirates Steal Stupid Fast And It Hurts

I don’t make a lot of money.  I just received a google alert for Stupid Fast.  I have very little money.  Publishing for most people produces very little money.  Every little bit that comes in matters a lot.  The google alert was for a free download site.  This single site has distributed, as of 10:45 central, 3151 free copies of my book.  I cannot tell you how crappy that makes me feel.  You might say, “Those people wouldn’t read your book otherwise.”  Maybe not all, but some probably would (students who are assigned it, for instance).  Probably enough would have bought it so that I could pay for my son’s drum lessons or my daughter’s piano.  I also pay for their clothes and their food and their health insurance.  I would not have bought a luxury car or a big house, because I don’t have much money.  I could use a new pair of pants.


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