3. Thankful: @sourcebooks @sourcebooksfire You know it!

I’m really happy at Sourcebooks.  I’m hugely, dorkily in love with Sourcebooks, actually.

Yes… Yes…

I love my publisher, because they are smart and right and human and excellent.

You know what I like? Emailing the publicist, Derry Wilkens, at Sourcebooks Fire and getting a reply.  That doesn’t happen at all publishers (true story).  Publicists have really hard jobs. Publicists have whole gaggles of honking authors who assume the publicist holds all the keys.  Authors like to get mad a publicists.  We sit around on our couches bitching, “My publicist looks like a high school cheerleader and she doesn’t like books!” Really what we’re saying is that we’d all like to look like high school cheerleaders, metaphorically, and we want our publicist’s undivided attention. That can’t happen.  They have too much to do.  Derry actually pays enough attention to me (I try not to ask too much).  She reads lots of books and she loves books (I’ve heard her talking!).  She figures out all kinds of cool little opportunities and she helps me with directions from airports and train stations.  She sends me emails asking if I’ll have dinner with some librarians.  I always say yes!  She’s really, really good at her job, and so I am thankful for Derry.

In love.  I’ve met sales people at Sourcebooks (excellent people).  I’ve met several of their venders (had a great time with them at trade shows).  I’ve met the editorial director and he’s great.  I’ve met a bunch of their other YA authors who are excellent, too (Leanna Renee Hieber, Janet Gurtler, Katrina Kittle, Miranda Kenneally to name a few).  Man… you know, I just have one book out there so far (another soon), but I already know all these people working with me.  It’s incredible access you don’t get other places.  In freaking love.  Really.

Best… You know what I really, really like? Having an editor, Leah Hultenschmidt, who reads my manuscript and makes fun of me for dumb stuff and laughs about it and gives great suggestions and gives me all kinds of room to figure stuff out without getting upset or stressed — at least not openly — I really had to stress her out in the last six months… but I never saw her stress!  Well, I guess she did ask me sometime over the summer if I was cracking up (as I completely trashed a manuscript and started over), and maybe in retrospect I can remember a little fear in her voice, but also serious good humor.  Serious. When we talk on the phone we laugh like wee goofy kids.  When I get notes from her, they’re concise and powerfully on the nose.  This is a great situation.  The new one, Nothing Special, is a good book, even though it was super hard to write (I didn’t make it easy on myself), because Leah both gave me huge space and reigned me in.  I am so lucky.  Very thankful.

I’ve said it before: I love this work.  I love being a writer.  But, good God, it can be stressful and depressing and you can get all hopeless all over it, sometimes… I’m very, very thankful to be with a publisher that does it right.  Thank you Sourcebooks.



6 Responses to “3. Thankful: @sourcebooks @sourcebooksfire You know it!”

  1. 1 Jordan Wiklund November 22, 2011 at 11:45 am

    Sounds like you much to be thankful for, Geoff! I’ve heard great things about Sourcebooks too. I’m looking forward to SF’s sequel!

  2. 3 Janet November 22, 2011 at 2:19 pm

    I agree. We are lucky to be with such a great publisher.

    But I do want to look like a cheerleader. Literally.

  3. 5 Patty Blount November 22, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    Geoff, this is great to hear…. Sourcebooks is publishing my debut next year and I’m so happy to learn my initial impressions are all on target! Thanks for confirming what I already knew 🙂

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