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Back to School

Suddenly, I’m walking around campus with a purpose.  I’m stuffing stuff in my syllabi.  I’m plugging numbers and passwords into various software packages.  I’m monitoring my voicemail.   I’m answering email.  My calendar is full of business.

A couple of days ago, I sat staring at Burger King from across the street for over an hour, because I had the time.  Staring at Burger King helps me.  Lots of people going through the drive thru.  What do they all want?  To feel full.  Of burger?  Probably not.  They don’t know what they want or they wouldn’t be at Burger King.  They’d be growing vegetables or spinning alpaca into wool for their sister’s new sweater. They’d be biking out on that trail that goes to that dam.  No good comes from Burger King (unless you own Burger King).

Now I’ve got to make my calendar make sense.  Those of you who are still on a break of some kind… pause… remember… you don’t have to be anywhere.  Isn’t that terrific?

Thankfully, I do like my job a whole lot.  The change of season takes getting used to.




Reminder to Herbach: Good Summer

As I finish up a full draft of Nothing Special with the specter of school duties starting on Monday, I have to remember: I did not just sit in front of a computer for the last three months… (even though it feels like it).  I’ve traveled around (in NYC with my son, which was fantastic).  I spent a great day at ALA in New Orleans.  Steph and I moved into a freaking log cabin.  I’ve gotten to talk to teens, teachers, librarians about Stupid Fast.  I got to meet a ton of bloggers and many of the 2k11 writers.  It hasn’t been all computer.  I am suffering from screen eyeball and keyboard knuckle and bad posture elbow, however.

Gaggle of boys (and Steph) after pizza

Teens Know Best Book Club showing off Steroid Arms

Leo test drives Ukelele

Mira Practices Sumo Wrestling Intimidation

Leo in Washington Square

Jason, Sam, Rhys, and Leo in Brooklyn Bowl

Mira Turned Ten

Crazy House

Class of 2k11ers in NYC

Stupid Fast in New Orleans Airport

Happy Cabin

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