Should be great day! Except I am jerk.

This should be a great day: I haven’t yet seen the fantastic Nicole Helget read, even though she lives here in Mankato.  Today I will.  I haven’t seen my old pal Jim Coppoc read poetry in several years.  This guy performs.  Today I get to see him. Excellent.  I get to talk about YA writing on a panel with Kirsten Cronin-Mills.  She’s very funny and smart.  There’s a conference today!   And, yes, this is all good, such good stuff.

And, I get to eat out a lot. Nice.  I get to stay out late.  Tired.  I get to walk around campus a lot, although I do have a weird pain in my hamstring. Tight.  I’m pretty tired and I am definitely dehydrated, but I don’t feel like drinking water.  I want coffee, because I’m tired.  And cold.  It’s freaking cold.  I’m so cold.

Last night there was a student film festival on campus.  It was really good.  First year production students accomplished a hell of a lot. Good little stories, some amazing images.   Loved it.  Then, the reception went down at my place.  Little hummus. Pita. Olives.  Some fine cheeses.  Etc. I did nothing but eat and talk to really interesting, engaged, ambitious people.  I also drank a lot of coffee all night, about a pot, to stay awake until people who generally stay up late go home.  And, oh yeah, did I eat so much cream cheese dip.  I almost exploded.  And I couldn’t sleep because I was jacked up from coffee and cheese dip and people.

If Nicole and Jim weren’t reading, if Kirsten weren’t coming to campus, I would order a pizza and drink some Gatorade and watch a little HG TV, because I’m pretty sure my giant rental property in Minneapolis is falling over.  I need some help.  Can stucco dissolve?  I think it can.  It is dissolving. Some great days the world feels like it’s dissolving and you’d like to postpone the great day to another day that isn’t dissolving.

I am glaring at my computer.  I’m a jerk.  I’m getting out of bed.


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