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Filming the Baron

Yesterday, Steph and I played small rolls in a film about the incredible pro wrestler, Baron von Raschke!   Yes, I am quite serious.  As the project gets closer to fruition, I’ll put out more links (lots of excellent Minneapolis people working on the thing).

I played a flamboyant German waiter who was once beaten up by Mad Dog Vachon (partially fictionalized situation — there were no German waiters at Mancini’s).

Me as German waiter, surrounded by pro wrestlers. (Patrick Pierson Photos)

The Real Mad Dog!

The scene was a wild one.  The filmmakers were allowed to use Mancini’s in St. Paul (where wrestlers hung-out in the 1970s).  The Baron recalled a time when a waiter (played by me) upset Mad Dog.  In the film, the whole place erupts into a delirious brawl, half staged and half real.  This is why Steph was brought in.  She is, of course, a giant woman capable of holding her own in a restaurant brawl!  There were excellent, current Minnesota wrestlers throwing down, breaking tables, plates, trays, etc.  Steph was thrown around by them and also fought heartily with a couple of fantastic fighting women.  This picture by Patrick Pierson shows the women raging against each other!

Look at Steph's exploding hair!

We had such an excellent, excellent time.  We can’t wait to see how the whole project turns out.  For today, both of us are terribly sore, as if the Baron himself had given us the claw!


I love it when a notion is explained

I’ve always felt like we in Minnesota are on the edge of something.  Andy Sturdevant, an extraordinary gentleman, explains it on his excellent blog South 12th.

Okay, Laura Ingalls

That was a big damned storm.

The Snow Blows Saturday

Steph was really concerned.  Why?

Steph concerned. Why?

If your car were buried, you be concerned, too.

Digging out buried car.

We dug it out.  And dug out my car.  After digging out my mom’s car last night.

Exhausting, apocalyptic (check out the Metrodome collapse below!), but sort of fun, Laura Ingalls.


Blizzard, indeed.

Little bus stop bench on the prairie, buried.

Getting quite white

Snowstorm gamer boys.

A blizzard? Really?

As I unsuccessfully try to wrap up my semester duties at Mankato, I am both befuddled and bedazzled by the weather forecasts emanating from the Twin Cities this hour.  According to Paul Douglas — a hero to many meteorology students — we are to receive fifteen to twenty inches of fluffy snow, which will then be whipped by angry, polar winds, so that our homes, cars and children will eventually be buried.

My mother is supposed to fly to Colorado tomorrow morning, because my grandmother is ill.  I am concerned for this trip’s viability.  We shall see.

In the afternoon, me, Steph and the kids are going to “A Christmas Story” at the Children’s Theater.  On their website, the theater suggests that they do not cancel performances for any reason.  This presents something of a problem.  What if the streets are impassable?  Doesn’t this increase the chances that our children will be lost in snow drifts?

I am having a difficult time doing my work.  A giant blizzard?  I have a hard time believing it.  Is this some kind of Laura Ingalls Wilder book?  I suppose I do live in Mankato.  Can’t wait til the chinooks blow this spring, pa.  We’ll eat again then…

Little Herbach on the Prairie

Doesn’t get out of bed

I have turned the lights on and I have made coffee, but otherwise, I am in bed.  I have graded a mass of creative nonfiction portfolios (awesome) and fiction portfolios (some quite awesome) in bed.  I have facebooked and watched three original-cast episodes of Saturday Night Live and also a fantastic little indie film, Humpday, in bed. I have sent emails to YA bloggers (God’s gift to books) and exchanged electronic thoughts about writing with my students, while still in bed.  I have done some sleeping and some thinking and some reading (The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet).  I have not yet eaten in bed, but I am considering the possibility.  It is the end of the semester, and this guy doesn’t get out of bed.

In bed.

Bowling Tuesday — Special Report

Things improved dramatically over at Detler’s last night.  Herbach rolled a 513 series (avg 171).  His strike ball and spare ball worked consistently at times.  If they ever work consistently together, look out!  We’re talking shiny new balls and bedazzled bowling shirts.

Steph was rock solid, if sometimes spectacular, through two games (avg 143), before dropping to a worst-of-the-season 89.  She, reasonably, blamed the mushroom and swiss burger consumed between games two and three for her tailspin.  “It had fresh mushrooms,” she said.

Herbach and Steph are considering moving their mid-series meal to post-series in coming weeks.  Change is difficult, however.  Herbach said, “I get so hungry when the pins are falling, baby.”  Steph agreed.

Team Emo

English Beat video plays next to video score card = success.

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