Meat as love

In Mankato, my friends eat meat.  Like most writers of our generation, they’ve likely considered going vegetarian, for ethical and environmental reasons, as well as for fashion.  I tried, too.  I ate so much cheese, I gained weight and became anemic from lack of iron and also exhausted from lack of diverse flavor.  I am so happy to have Diana Joseph and David Clisbee in my life.  They have even more meat than this:


Diana and David with some of their meat


In the evening, Diana makes mashed potatoes and David grills this meat and often I stop by and they let me eat some of it.

My dad, Max, has been really sick.  He’s fought cancer for a couple of years and has done pretty well, considering how late in the game doctors found it.  But, the cancer caught up with him at the end of summer.  Now he’s in hospice care.  He’s on his way out, it surely seems.

On Sunday, I’ll be over at Diana and David’s place and they’ll have all this meat, which David purchases in a fascinating way.  He goes to the store, scans choice cuts for “sell by” dates.  He waits, sitting usually in the garage of his home — where he also writes poems — and ruminates on how he might prepare  that choice cut for maximum dining pleasure.  At 8:15 pm on the “sell by” date, he leaves his garage and enters the store and finds that his choice cut has been given a green sticker.  This sticker means Temporary Price Reduction for the product.  David will often pay a third of the retail price.  He buys lots of the green sticker meat.   And then he cooks choice cuts for friends while Diana makes the best mashed potatoes ever.

You sit at that table and feel like things will be okay.


1 Response to “Meat as love”

  1. 1 sethww October 17, 2010 at 6:16 pm

    Nice. I got very hungry just reading this. Smart work by David on getting that cheap meat.

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