Russ Feingold – Best Senator

Right before I ended my native Wisconsin tenure, I, by chance, sat next to Russ Feingold’s sister on a flight from Los Angeles back to Madison. Feingold had been in the senate for several years at that point. I asked her if he acted like a big shot at the Thanksgiving table. She said he was the absolute same person he was growing up. Super smart. Dedicated to fairness. Tough as nails.

Now, he’s in trouble for being an incumbent. I hope Wisconsin voters remember that there is nothing “establishment” about Russ. He’s a real maverick. He acts on values not on political calculation. I don’t know if there’s anyone out there like him left. Please, Sconnies… don’t let Feingold go. His opponent is an ideologue who knee-jerks without actually researching anything.  He talks like a talk radio host, which is to say, he’s an entertainer rather than a policy expert. We’re all in a lot of trouble already. Without Feingold there to voice reason, the Senate will fall further into impracticality and chest thumping and brainlessness. I wish I could cross the border and help.

Take a look at this New York Times piece.


Don't let him out that door, Sconnies.



1 Response to “Russ Feingold – Best Senator”

  1. 1 Sharai October 20, 2010 at 3:03 pm

    Oh, we’re trying! I won’t be able to stand it if I have Senator Johnson representing me instead of Russ. I wholeheartedly agree he’s the best! His listening session in my county is a real treat. I’m always awed by how well he can address any topic thrown at him. He’s also very respectful of those who disagree with him. If everyone attended these sessions, how could they resist voting for him?

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