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Bar time.

I awaken to screaming.  A man in the small space next to my building.  He screams, “Yeah!” sustained, again and again.  After several minutes, his cadence is broken by another thought.  He screams, “Cops!”  Red lights flash in the back lot.  Night fills with wailing sirens, police racing to assist.  A block away, a chorus of young people “woo” from their centers, from their depths, apparently mimicking the sound of the sirens.  Soon everyone is arrested.  Young people cry loudly.  Then quiet.  I lay awake.  Wind in the walnut tree.

I hear "wooing"


First reading from Stupid Fast

I’m lucky enough to be faculty at Minnesota State, Mankato.  That means I get to be invited to be part of the Good Thunder Reading Series, which is something of a juggernaut (I mean, check out the schedule — man!).  Something of a surprise today: I was nervous reading from the new book last Thursday… wasn’t aware, but the thing was recorded (I blew out the mic — I read loud).  So, I’m quite psyched to have a recording of the first three chapters of the book (not a perfect reading — have some work to do on getting the character voices differentiated a little — but I think I like the way it’s sounding).

First recording of Stupid Fast. Pretty nice.  Makes me happy.

Thank God.

Sleek Hair.

Bad run.

What the hell is going on?

My hair has gotten very long, as I have no barber.  This fact has turned from point of irritation to full-blown, deafening screech of deadly owl on a windy day.

Back home, where I finally had internet installed, the modem went on the blink.

Saturday, I lost my keys in the middle of a marathon journey from lunch to barbecue to backyard fire.  I had no way to get into my house.  No way to enter my car or office, no way to unlock my bike.  Keys were found midday Sunday deep in the side of an old-school couch.

The key loss and search time ate away reading, grocery, and laundry time.  I am a mess.

Yesterday, I had low blood sugar.  Instead of taking a nice bike ride, I drove to New Ulm and looked at various closed German restaurants, which made me so hungry.  Then, I ate Perkins — country omelet with cheez sauce, a full bag of potato chips with veggie dip unused from lack of veggies dipped, a piece of chocolate cheesecake, and 1.5 twice baked potatoes.

My hair is large.  My pants don’t fit.  And I’m supposed to teach dialogue today?  I’m afraid it can’t be done.

“Look at me!”

“No.  I mean, yes,” he said.

I am…

Geoff Herbach. I am the author of Stupid Fast and Nothing Special, among a bunch of other stuff. When I'm not writing, I teach writing at Minnesota State, Mankato.

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