It has taken sometime, but I (and Steph in part) am firmly planted in Mankato, Minnesota.  It’s a fine place to be.  Within walking distance of my apartment there is a great coffee shop, an excellent pizza place, a yoga studio, many bars, the post office, the University where I’ll teach in the fall.  I get here, park my car, and don’t use my car for nothing (except drives up the hill on occasion for provisions in the strip mall anywhere that also exists here).  What does a typical day look like for replanted Herbach?

Pale and ghost-like in the afternoon

Steph and I are trying something of an experiment: in our apartment there is no internet and there is no cable television (no broadcast TV of any kind, in fact).  I am not yet sure of the ramifications of this imposed ludditity.  It is possible, although the data is incomplete, that I am sleeping better and am capable of concentrating for longer periods of time.  We’ll see.

I don’t miss the Facebook.  I believe Facebook is one of the primary drivers of attention deficit and generalized anxiety that I have dealt with in this life.  In this coffee shop, however, I have spent plenty of time staring at it.

More on that, certainly.


1 Response to “Mankato”

  1. 1 Aldean July 2, 2010 at 1:50 pm

    Welcome to the neighborhood!

    I totally concur with you on the need to consciously unplug to a greater or lesser extent (and the difficulty in doing so). We have had no braodcast TV for years now, but still watch a lot of stuff on DVD (and now, oh horror, online as well). And the addictive nature of the internets in general and Facebook in particular is astounding, and I have definitely noted an increase in my need for it over the past year, and a strangely-corresponding inability to accomplish anything much. Interested to hear more about how it goes banishing that from your home life.

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