What Helps People Change?

An article in the New York Times making fun of New Year’s resolutions ended with a short list of attitudes and activities that might help one actually succeed in changing.   Apparently it is good for those of us who are not predisposed to change to  pretend to be what it is that we are hoping to become.  So, if This Guy is a fat man in fat man pants but wants to be a slim greyhound 10k super-stud, This Guy should walk about This Guy’s everyday life acting as if This Guy is already just that.  I am strong.  Hear me roar.  Roar.  That’s what I’m talking about, etc.


Herbach Visualizes Himself As Slim Greyhound Super-Stud


I need to carry myself tall, huge, and I need to think, for instance, “I’m a world class 10K super speedster. What do I eat?  Do I eat this delicious Natural Sausage Pizza Hut Pizza or do I eat gray gruel?  Ho ho ho!  Gruel it is!”  

Oh yes.  I’m going to employ this strategy.  I am committed to it, as you can see from the picture above (“Visualize”).  Not only am I going to start carrying myself like a greyhound super-stud Castaway Tom Hanks naked body freak, I’m going to start challenging athletes to foot races.  I’m going to shout at them and tell them it’s go time.

Hey! Yeah I'm talking to you! It's go time!

Hey! I'm talking to you! It's go time!

I will completely race these slim athletes until I have soundly defeated them, which might take awhile, as I don’t even fit my fat man pants, because they are too small.  I can barely breathe.  But, the racing begins today.  At the gym.


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