Tom Hanks Castaway Inspiration

The other night, I woke up with a problem: I’d eaten too much and my stomach was feeling uncomfortable (felt like it was going to explode…gas rumbling followed by boom).  When I don’t smoke, which is most of the time now, I eat constantly.  I have to fill my pie hole with the pie filling, or I feel empty inside, which is really sad.  

But hark!  Something changed!  As my stomach rumbled and threatened to explode, I flipped on the television to take my

Light as a feather!

Light as a feather!

mind off the over-eating I had done.  And there, at one in the morning, was Castaway starring Tom Hanks.  When Mr. Hanks landed on the island after the horrific plane crash, he had a large belly which, LO, reminded me of mine own large belly.  He had to bend over that thing and it looked really uncomfortable.  Poor Tom Hanks!  Poor Herbach who deals with the same trouble!  Then, after four years (movie time) on the island, Tom Hanks, only eating wee fishies, had no belly and I saw how good Tom Hanks actually felt (Tom Hanks felt great). He bounced around like a gazelle on that island.  And, even though he is a brilliant actor and he suffered mightily, the delight of being slim jimmy hanky boy in real life also came through.  

And, now I am inspired.  I just want to be light.  I don’t care how I look, but want to bounce around my own island (apartment) like a gazelle.  And thus, I have reentered the gym.

Gotta upgrade the diet.  I don’t want to have to spear and eat raw fish.  I don’t like fish that much.

I am considering buying a volleyball to use as a friend, which might help me replace cigarettes (old friend).

Look out!  Here I come!


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