Brett Favre and why he is instructive

In the face of all evidence to the contrary: death, sickness, injury, freezing cold, empty retirement, etc., he just keeps playing. Brett Favre is no Peyton Manning, a royal NFL legacy who piles up stats. He’s no technician like Tom Brady, a robot who piles up wins. Brett Favre transcends the Packers, the game, sport. He is John Wayne in The Searchers, compelled to move forward, bad or good, better than any other in theory, but flawed, fallible, capable of disaster as much as any kind of victory. Favre isn’t a football player. He’s a literary hero. And, as such, he seems like everyone else, you and me, instead of a public relations ironed out star. If we all fought every day as hard for what was important to us, failing half the time, but fighting on, this would be a different world.

And that’s just my first reaction to Favre going to the New York Jets.

In the meantime, check out The Miracle Letters tribute to Brett Favre.


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