Booze use designed for the individual

I have oft wondered about alcohol and how easy it is to drink.  Even here, on this blog, I have considered the possibility that alcohol does a body good, just like milk.  It seems factual: people who drink in moderation are healthier than those who drink a lot or none.  I want to be healthier.  That’s the point of this spot.

After years of experimentation, however, I know something about me (and I have just figured it out): booze and Herbach don’t mix.  Not even a little.  When I have a little several things can happen: I might get really tired; I might feel aches in my joints; I might take off like a rocket ship all night long.  And, I might fight with my girlfriend over nothing (she and I are similar in this aspect… add a slight buzz and the natural dramatic stage proclivities for which we are known locally are exhibited in our real life behavior… embarrassing).

I have to put all in balance: there are health benefits to drinking wee bits of alcohol and I would like to drink wee bits of alcohol.  But, fact, I tend not to drink wee bits (but much more) and the stress of rocket ship explosion, joint pain, and loggerheads with girlfriend whom I adore otherwise certainly outweighs health benefits.

This I believe: I need to drop hard liquor completely from the universe of liquids I put in my mouth.  I should likely add beer to that list, as I tend to drink it like a kid drinks chocolate milk.  And, maybe, I should drop wine, because although I tend not to slip into exuberance with it, it does seem to hurt my joints.  Does that make sense?  I will sit with the wine question a bit longer.

I am not a statistic, but an individual who needs weigh that which is statistical against a specific context: my own.

So, Herbach doesn’t smoke.  Herbach doesn’t have martinis (including martini derivatives with cute and girlie names, like appletinis).  Herbach doesn’t drink… beer?  Whoa.  Okay.  Wine?  We’ll see.



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