The Monday Tone Set

One of my big problems: I often have no idea where the time went. What did I do Tuesday? I can’t remember! Wednesday? It’s a wash, a blank, a total blur. Didn’t I drink a beer? Part of the project intrinsic to this blog is paying attention to how time is spent. Each Monday, I shall set up an agenda with regard to this space and I will be consciously pursuing that agenda for the rest of the week.

Cat, Gary, watches as Herbach types agenda.

Variables: My kids are out of town until Friday (more free time than usual). It is a holiday week (4th is also Friday). This is the first week of the new quarter and I begin teaching 6 new classes online. The weather will be warm and summerish.

Monday: Yard work! The end is not in sight. I nearly sweat out my insides yesterday trying to take care of the nasty business. Freaking weeds and Cheetos bags from the busy street adjacent. What does it mean to have a well-kept yard? I don’t care what the neighbors think. The neighbors here in Powderhorn don’t care what I do for the most part…Thankfully some do…I like neighbors. Why do I want to take care of the yard, now? I never have before.

Tuesday: I am spending much of the day writing hellos to my new students. I actually like my day job (teaching online). Tomorrow I’m going to consider number six in the Buddhist Eightfold Path. Because, the truth is, I like lots of stuff but often-times don’t put in the Right Effort. Do you hear me, grasshopper? Ding! (sound of bell ringing.)

Wednesday: I’m going to cook some damn brilliant meal. It is going to Rock My World. Seriously. I can’t survive on bread and cheese. Leafy greens! Do you hear me, grasshopper?

Thursday: It’s career day! I don’t know what that means, but it will Rock My World. We all should spend measured time considering the appropriate path and what steps are necessary to be fully on that path. I tend to think for a second thusly and then turn on the TV (I wish Charles in Charge were on right now), because it is hard thinking (do you remember the sort of Go Gos knock off Charles in Charge theme?). (Aw, hell.)

Friday: Free for all having to do with Carl Jung and also running around a big lake.

Hello. I am Carl Jung. Had I been born 100 years later, I’d likely put down this pipe and run around a big lake.

I’m also going to try reporting the first daily “metric” results. I think the system is working! Do you hear me, grasshopper?

So, that’s what I got for now. Now, I’m going to go kill weeds with my bare hands in order to achieve some kind of peace.

3:30 UP DATE: I have killed much of what was living in my garden.  I found that there is a woody mulch underneath the plant cover.  It all looks like hell and my big round head is sunburned.  That said, I feel great!  I’m not done, but I got it going on… in my yard!  Call me Mr. Greenjeans.

Mr. Greenjeans say: “Call me Mr. Greenjeans.”


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