I am tired but will battle in the garden instead of watching rioters on TV

Last night was a late one, which ended in dangling legs in a hot tub with lots of excellent friends. I’m not beating myself for a good time on a Saturday. That’s okay.

What happens way too often: next day I spend watching TruTV (not reality… ACTUALITY! – what a bunch of crap). Today, I have, in fact, watched it, first a story about a doctor who murdered his wife and almost got away with it! And then I found myself staring at some crowd violence show (footage of riots with dramatic, deep-voiced, COPs-esque narration: But the brave riot police faced down the wild and rowdy mob and, eventually, order was restored to the beach… but not before a young child was injured in the indecent fray). I realized I am like the rioters except I am alone. I don’t much like me either (as the rioters certainly don’t like themselves) and sometimes I feel like breaking stuff. This will not change by watching TruTV. Instead, I’m going to get up and work in my overgrown garden. That’s healthy! I have a headache.

Oh the humanity! I don’t like me either.

I’m going to go be this guy instead (hope I don’t fro up).

Except I look like this guy, because…

Somewhere in there is my compost bin and I am the only one who will weed it out.  Home ownership is not easy, my friends.


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