The Magic of Omega 3s, the best fat ever!

OMEGA 3 VIDEO: First things first, these are some damn cute rats. I don’t want them to have to suffer in this ugly laboratory swimming pool. Had they both drunk a power shake with Omega 3s in it, they’d both be out of that swimming pool fast. Only one did consume that formula from birth on, however (the winning rat).

Of course, this example is pretty simple, and not the best science (one rat verses another rat — even if they are siblings, I’ve met brothers who are very different — one dumb, one smart, for instance), still it is a nice illustration of a proven, scientific fact: a certain kind of fat (Omega 3, baby!), can make you feel smart and swift (and can help your heart keep beating, according to the NY Times)! Let’s watch the video, shall we?

Hey, there are Omega 3s in other greens and meats?! Woot Woot.

I’m not very educated on the matter, but honestly thought that the only real source of Omega 3s are fish. One of the things I don’t like eating is fish. Someday, I’ll tell the most horrible story of me, a babysitter and a 48 pack of Van de Kamp’s fish sticks in 1978 (the last year I ate fish other than tuna). Oh no, I don’t eat fish!

Terrifying Fish

Turns out Omega 3s are in other stuff. I’m going to see if I can’t speak with Susan Allport (who is referenced at the end of the video) to find out more about “The Queen of Fats” and especially more about other good sources.

I, for one, love fat. It is delicious (when not fish). I also like to feel smart and I like the fact that my heart keeps beating. Hells to the yes I’m going to hunt Omega 3s out in my diet. I’m not super stupid. If given reasonable information (that doesn’t contain too much pain), I’ll follow suit.


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