Make no mistake, life will totally kill you.

For instance, in this NY Times article, there’s a quick discussion of Tim Russert’s death and it talks about how difficult it would have been for Doctors to predict the heart attack that killed Mr. Russert (who was a bit overweight, but took medication and tried to be healthy). Life will kill your heart (one way or another).

But, apparently you can play the odds game and improve your chances of surviving longer! This, of course, is macro-analysis, across a population, not individual, because if you’ve got a bad ticker, you’ve got a bad ticker, and chances are it’s going to get you no matter what you do. Here is a distillation from another NY Times article about heart health.

*Do stop smoking!

*Do watch your cholesterol numbers.

*Do not eat lots of trans fats.

(I don’t know what the last two really mean — what are good cholesterol numbers and what are saturated fats?)

*Eat fish! Omega 3s and Statins. I don’t like fish. Twice a week tuna I could do (recommended in the article).

*What? 3-5 table spoons of nuts five times a week lowers heart attack chances 25-40% I’m on it!

*What? 5-9 servings of fruits and vegetables a day? Oh, Jesus! How? Salads, 100% fruit juice, broccoli. I don’t know about that. Whoa.

*Some suggest adding alcohol to diet (moderate). Okay, but can I be moderate? What does “moderate” even mean? “Moderate” use can lower death rates in individuals by 25% in any given year. That’s good. But…

I’m not in this picture, but could easily be.

*Do exercise 30 minutes or more most days.

That’s all the article really says: No smoke, eat fish, eat nuts, eat fruits and vegetables, consider alcohol, exercise. I have considerable trouble with fish, fruits and vegetables and the appropriate use of alcohol. I’m now a nonsmoker (no nicotine replacement either) for over a month. Hmm… can a Herbach do this?

Hmm… Maybe a Herbach can.


1 Response to “Make no mistake, life will totally kill you.”

  1. 1 susan allport June 25, 2008 at 11:03 am

    Thought you’d be interested in this short omega-3 video:

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